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In 1949 two young engineers, Mario Marchesi and Antonio Scoino, founded SCOMAR Srl to design and manufacture automatic flat knitting machines. Mr. Scoino soon departed, leaving Mr. Marchesi as sole proprietor.

In the fifty years following SCOMAR manufactured and exported more than ten thousand knitting machines, with a sales network of 40 representatives across five continents. 

But from the early 2000s, a shift in Western textile markets forced the company to pivot: renamed "INNTEX" it applied its technical know-how to produce innovative knitted metal fabrics, using SCOMAR machines duly modified to properly handle the new materials.

Today INNTEX produce and market metal fabrics for interior design and high frequency electromagnetic shielding while Knitronix, a separate entity since 2016, design and manufacture sensors from knitted metal wire.

Knitronix merge Italian textile expertise with innovation and research in metal textile sensors. We proudly develop and build our own metal wire knitting machines. Our products are entirely designed and manufactured in factories in Tuscany, Italy using proprietary technologies.

We work as consultants providing bespoke solutions for companies and research institutes, including the Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems (Rome, Italy), the Department of Textiles at Ghent University (Belgium), the Department of Social Science at Siena University (Italy), the ICT department at the University of Florence (Italy), and The BioRobotics Institute, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Pisa, Italy).


Knitronix has been coached by EIT Digital and has won an innovation grant from SmartX.

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