Applications include smart baby strollers, child seat alarms, car interiors that sense occupants or a thunderstorm, and ingress and egress detection for public venues and mass transit.


Flexible, formable textile sensors with the ability to detect liquids or temperature over a large area at low cost open up new possibilities for monitoring leaks, heat loss and moisture intrusion in both new and renovated structures.


From position-sensing exercise mats to temperature and GSR-sensing headbands we want to bring smart textiles to scenarios that push the envelope of human performance: from the local gym to the arena.


Pressure-sensitive fabrics draw little power and are inconspicuous as footfall detectors,  supplementing infrared or optical systems. Unlike film sensors, large areas can be covered at modest cost.


Curved safety edges, safety mats laid like carpet, smart tarps to detect FOD, temperature-sensing coveralls to enhance safety. The flexible, breathable nature of textile sensors offers many possibilities.


Our Liquid sensor started as a mattress cover. Matrix Pressure is used in various medical simulators and to fit wheelchairs and orthopedic devices. Our Temperature sensor is well suited to monitor post-operative or palliative patients.

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