Acknowledging the spirit of invention and the work of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi we've devised an acronym  – FLOW –  that calls to mind the unique advantages of our flexible breathable and rugged textile sensors:


Flexibility / Formability

100% textile; able to conform to curved or soft surfaces



Large areas at low cost

Unlike film sensors costs don’t soar as sensors grow in size




Built to withstand heavy use and high duty-cycles in industrial settings



Wire knitted

Conductive elements are solid core wire for secure connections and solderability 

At Knitronix we specialize in knitting the fabric components of textile sensors. Our components terminate at the wire or cable that issues from the fabric sensing element. Everything beyond that, including power supply, signal processing, display, link to Wi-Fi or the Web, protective casing etc, is considered, designed, and developed together with our customers.


Knitronix offer to partner with OEMs in the application of intelligent textiles. We are keen to participate in and facilitate efforts to create IoT systems and products that leverage our unique fabric components.

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