Knitronix industrial flexible sensors
Knitronix industrial flexible sensors

Medical simulators

Knitronix is present in this market since 2016 with two customers active in the segment for abdominal simulators. Our matrix pressure sensors are used to verify that palpation maneuvre done by the trainee is performed correclty. A matrix sensor with 256 point sensitive to pressure is connected to a PC that shows pressure applied on the fake abdomen and if the palpation movement is performed correctly.

Baby car seat alarms

Italy was the first country in the world to approve a law that requires drivers to install an alarm system on baby car seats to prevent hot car deaths. Since 2019 our customers rely on Knitronix occupancy sensors that guarantee a perfect operation even after hundred thousands working cycles.

Industrial machinery

Crushing is one of the most common cause of injury in industrial environments. Wherever there is a crushing danger for the operator Knitronix anticrushing sensors can help in prevent dangerous situations. Our sensors are simple to install, effective, and do not require additional electronics to work.
Knitronix anticrushing sensors have a case made of a flexible material, but inside the functioning is guaranteed by smart fabrics especially developed for this purpose.