Knitronix industrial flexible sensors
Knitronix industrial flexible sensors

Matrix temperature sensors

Matricial temperature sensors are made by assembling parallel strips of individual temperatyure sensors. This way it is possible to make a sensor matrix, where all sensors are independent and maintain all characteristics of single sensors.
Every single sensor is connected to the board that reads the value of its electrical resistance. Every single cell is electrically independent from other surrounding cells.


  • Matricial flexible sensor
  • Pixel dimension 7 cm x 8 cm (2.75"x3.15")
  • Other sizes on request
  • Superb linearity
  • Very good sensitivity
  • Based on single textile temperature sensor


  • Low cost alternative to thermal cameras
  • Temperature monitoring of pipes on 360°
  • Temperature monitoring for pallets thermal covers and flexible thermal containers
  • Truck tarpaulin temperature monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring of human and animal bodies
  • Medical applications