Knitronix industrial flexible sensors
Knitronix industrial flexible sensors

Matrix pressure sensors

Knitronix matrix pressure sensors are analog sensors and they are able to measure a pressure level. They have been designed to compare different pressure areas on uneven or soft surfaces. They are able to conform to complex shapes. Particular care has been taken to design the contact points between conductive fabric layers and flexible wiring, to make this sensor able to withstand large mechanical deformations.


  • Extremely flexible and conformable
  • Able to withstand large mechanical deformations
  • They can cover large surfaces, up to 1 m x 2 m (39" x 78")
  • Conductive layers made of copper wire layers
  • Flexible wiring is soldered to conductive fabric copper layers
  • Tested on the market for more than 5 years


  • Medical simulators
  • Prevention of interactions between cobots and operators
  • Pressure sores prevention
  • Elderly people fall monitoring
  • Posture monitoring
  • Ergonomy