Knitronix industrial flexible sensors
Knitronix industrial flexible sensors

Sensors for the presence of liquids

Knitronix sensors for the presence of liquids are fabrics that react to the presence of liquids by changing their electrical status. An extremely small quantity of liquid changes their status from not conductive to conductive. Water contained in a bottle cap (4ml) is enough to trigger this sensor almost immediately (1 sec).
It is possible to produce this sensor so that it can cover large surfaces to monitor water leakages from roofs or tanks.


  • Extremely flexible and low weight.
  • Can monitor very large surfaces at competitive costs
  • Very short delay
  • Quantity of water needed to trigger the sensor: less than 5 ml
  • Transparent to light
  • Needs only two wires to connect, even for large surfaces


  • Incontinence monitoring
  • Roof leak monitoring
  • Leak monitoring in walls, tanks and water distribution networks
  • Monitoring of water leaks in pipes
  • Smart buildings
  • Smart agriculture